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12ways to save on Insurance
1. Check the policy carefully for correct information.
Postal codes, ages and location addresses can affect your rate.
2. Are you getting the additional age discount for mature adults?
3. Check deductibles. Higher deductibles results in savings. On our quote system enter $1,000 or $2,000 deductible and see the EXTRA SAVINGS and a separate Insurance Company that uses this minimum deductible for very LOW rates.
4. Are you paying for coverage you don't need?
If your car is over 5 years old, you may want to take off the collision.
5. Are you an abstainer? (non drinker)
6. Are you a non smoker?
7. Have you been consistent with one insurance company, or do you switch every few years?
8. Install an alarm system in your home and car.
9. If you have a small claim, pay it yourself and save your insurance for the big one.
10. Combine both your house and car policies for the extra discounts. Not all companies do this.
11. Pay up front rather than monthly, or look at a 3 pay policy.
12. Talk to one of our brokers who has your interest in mind.


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Home & Condo Discounts


Auto Discounts

1. Over 45, mature 1. Multiple vehicles
2. Combine house & car policies 2. Combine house & car policies
3. Claims free 3. Age 45 plus
4. Alarm system 4. Good driving record (no accidents, less than 2 tickets)
5. New home 5. Abstainer (non drinker)
6. Non smoker 6. Short commute to work
7. Mortgage Free 7. First claim Free - Option

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